In the kitchen with Mitch

What do mustard pickles, partridgeberry-rhubarb jam and dandelion jelly all have in common? We recently met with Mitch’s Kitchen, a maker of delicious jams, jellies, chutneys, beets and irresistible mustard …

Josh Taylor - CEO Newfoundland Trading Company


Newfoundland is undergoing a fantastic change. I’ve seen a major cultural shift in my generation. The Newfoundland psyche was shattered by the cod moratorium in the ‘90s; our confidence was shattered. I grew up watching people leave. I grew up thinking I had to leave. But, that’s all changed with the birth of the energy industry and it wasn’t just money. It was the fact that something worked in Newfoundland; something clicked. Finally, we had this opportunity to right so many historic wrongs. Going back to Beaumont Hamel, Churchill Falls, the Confederation vote, the cod moratorium – it’s all part of our history where we’ve felt downtrodden, but we’re resilient, creative people. I believe the Newfoundland spirit, and this newfound opportunity, have come together in a beautiful way and have made us look at Newfoundland, and at ourselves, differently.